Tax & Audit

Tax and audit require a working knowledge of domestic and multinational tax law. As leaders in this area, startMYplan strives to provide clients with a transparent view of the ever-changing tax industry and the tools needed to navigate it. From international financial reporting standards to basic tax compliance protocols, our team of experienced consultants works closely with clients to ensure smooth filing and risk-free reporting.

Within this field of expertise, startMYplan specializes in:

  • Canadian Tax
  • International Tax
  • Corporate Tax
  • Audit Advisory
  • Acquisition Reporting
  • M&A Tax Implications
  • Tax-based Legal Dispute Consultation
  • Audit Data Collection

Our approach to tax and audit services differ from competitors in that we believe every company deserves the best and most advanced consultation available. We partner with businesses of all sizes and experience to ensure all applicable standards are met.

Domestic Tax Consulting

Tax laws in Canada fluctuate and become especially confusing when dealing with more than one jurisdiction or industry. Taking time away from day to day accounting tasks to research and initiate tax duties is costly.

To avoid accidental compliance issues and navigate federal and provincial tax challenges, startMYplan is here to support your financial department and legal team as they maneuver domestic taxes.

Tax Compliance

With so much red tape in place for Canadian businesses navigating taxes, it helps to have a team of professionals with a strong grasp on domestic tax law. Through enhanced accounting software and proactive research, your business will stay well within the compliance standards of Canada.

Reporting requirements are constantly being updated, and missing something small makes a big difference later. Whether you are hoping to speed up an expense claim approval or need help with tax deferral, we are here for you. Some of the services we assist with include:

  • Communications Between Government Entities
  • Filing Returns
  • Tax Prep and Organization of Documents
  • Audit Management
  • Digitization of Documents

Whatever your compliance concerns, StartMYplan will put your mind at ease with our efficient and in-depth tax consulting.

Tax Consulting Incentives

Surprisingly, understanding compliance is often the least demanding aspect of domestic taxes. Many companies may not realize that taxes dictate much of how a business is structured. From buying and selling to mergers and acquisitions, understanding tax law is crucial to success. Some ways tax consulting may benefit your business include:

  • Improving Incentives and Deductions
  • Reducing Future Disputes
  • Optimal Restructuring and Refinancing
  • Deal and Investment Development
  • Technical Reporting Initiatives
  • Eligible Expenditure Identification

Having somebody in the know in your back pocket keeps scheduled tax tasks on time and reduces the risk of compliance failure. For potential future projects and current undertakings, knowing the taxation outcomes goes a long way.

International Tax Consulting

While startMYplan is proudly Canadian, we serve many clients who stretch their wings into international projects. A huge part of international tax consulting revolves around mergers and acquisitions, especially as global tax laws fluctuate so frequently. For those businesses involved in multinational deals, understanding the tax implications will save you from dealing with potential risks, like compliance failure.

  • Due Diligence and Liability Research
  • M&A Structuring Advisory
  • Post Merger Management Consulting
  • Filing and Audit Evaluation Services

From review to compliance, a global strategy consultant clarifies the daunting jargon and mountain of paperwork involved in international tax. Helping your business avoid financial pitfalls and increase the potential for return is always at the forefront of the StartMYplan mindset.

Audit Advisory

Audits are daunting in any form, especially when unexpected. Having an expert to back up your decisions with practical experience simplifies things. It also offers your accounting team reprieve from tedious work, which diverts time from necessary business practices.

During a government tax audit, communication is key. At startMYplan, we are here to facilitate conversations between governing bodies and your accounting team to streamline the process and maintain normalcy in daily operations. We work closely with you to sort out files and documents, organize and structure an audit strategy, and ensure all required information is filed appropriately.

Data Collection and Review

The term “audit” has many meanings, and they’re not all of them bad. While many businesses dread receiving a government tax audit notice, there are also internal audits to consider. The constantly evolving world of technology has made it easier than ever before for businesses to forecast potential threats and future tax outcomes by performing an internal audit via data collection and review. Analytics reporting software comes in many shapes and sizes, making it simple for small and large businesses to find a suitable platform to collect financial information.

One of the roles we take on at startMYplan is aiding clients in overcoming technology barriers, designing strategic data collection plans, and advising on the best course of action based on the outcome. Implementing proactive analytics reports reduces changes in compliance issues, risk of a government audit, and improves chances for increased revenue in future endeavours.

Audit Coaching and Training

As a professional financial consulting service, we coach your accounting department to manage an audit smoothly. We pride ourselves on fast, efficient training with long term results and successful outcomes.

One of the biggest benefits of audit coaching is the updated information financial departments receive on new or evolving tax laws. While your accounting department is tasked with managing company finances, our team is tasked with vigilant monitoring of domestic and international compliance guidelines, giving our clients an edge during an audit.

How startMYplan Can Help

Working with a variety of internationally motivated clients has provided us with an experienced yet fresh take on domestic and global tax. Rather than settling for the fastest route of completion, startMYplan focuses on the highest level of return with the least amount of risk. We understand that succeeding in business requires consistency in return, and we constantly strive to reduce financial loss in every tax endeavour.

While some consulting firms direct the highest quality of advisory and strategy to large corporations, startMYplan delivers the same top tier service to every client. Whether your business is a small startup or an established firm, we can help you organize your taxes, strategize for the future, and power through audits.

If you are interested in learning more about startMYplan and our variety of tax and audit services, we invite you to contact us at 1-888-831-6716.