Private Equity

An authority in the field of finance and business consulting, startMYplan specializes in private equity management and all it entails. As an established team of professionals with a combined experience level spanning more than 5-decades, we offer clients a bespoke top tier approach to private equity like nobody else.

The private investment sector covers a wide range of industries. From investment vetting and lifecycle to debt management and deal management, there are numerous ways our team can relieve the burden of juggling in this sector.

While our expertise covers the basics of buyout funds and investments, we also specialize in a variety of niches within the private equity field, such as:

  • Sovereign Wealth Funds
  • Debt Restructuring
  • Hedge Funds
  • Retirement Funds
  • Inheritances
  • Real Estate Ventures

Every private equity firm and individual account is unique. Working closely with clients, startMYplan customizes tools and information to fit the fluctuating market, your bottom line, and future goals. We tailor procedures, strategies, and toolsets to meet you where you are and take you where you want to be.

Vetting Deals and Performing Due Diligence

One of the most time-consuming areas of the private equity market is vetting deals and performing the research necessary to ensure those deals will not fall through. At startMYplan, we design and implement an investment plan with your desired outcomes in mind. We create a detailed profile of potential partners and investments based on the diligent assessment of individual entities and their benefits.

Delegating diligence and similar tasks to a startMYplan consultant opens doors to greater levels of time and productivity in other areas of your business or investing. It also provides a second set of eyes to untangle complicated jargon and weed out potential legal restrictions, which could be problematic in the future.

During due diligence, startMYplan focuses on increasing wealth while diminishing potential risks. Lowering costs, monitoring compliance, and developing advanced analytics are some of the ways we assist with this.

Acquisition and Portfolio Enhancement

After an acquisition is processed, there are still a plethora of moving pieces to monitor and maintain. Enhancing the speed of returns and developing a structured diagram of future strategies is one of the ways we begin aiding clients through this exciting but daunting time.

Maximizing monetization requires a keen eye for detail and a working knowledge of the industry in which the acquisition takes place. Working within such a broad spectrum of fields provides a benefit to our clients, which less diverse consulting firms miss.

Coaching and training are some of the best tactical tools to wield following a merger or acquisition, and this is something startMYplan excels in. Whether for personal reasons, or business purposes, startMYplan can provide the knowledge and technical skills to continue optimizing your portfolio in the future.

Aggressive Project Leadership

The current market is favouring sellers but rushing equity firms in and out of deals at high speed due to competition and time constraints. This forces many level-headed investors to hurtle through due diligence and miss signs of risk.

The age-old adage, “two heads are better than one,” has never been truer than during due diligence. Having a team of proficient financial specialists on your side ensures that while deals may be accelerated, no important information gets missed. This keeps sales from crumbling due to misinformation or lack of resources.

Our thorough and aggressive approach to project management and advanced analytics reporting secures buy and sell opportunities with fewer threats and a higher success rate.

Designing and Implementing Successful Exit Strategies

Any exit strategy is focused primarily on the increase in return revenue. Losing value during a sale is never beneficial, but it happens. At startMYplan, our experienced consultants are well-versed in the intricacies of the exit and can help ensure your investors reap the greatest benefit as a result.

A fresh perspective is what we bring to the table, along with our many years in the private wealth sector. Some of the tasks we help clients with include:

  • Researching potential buyers
  • Prequalifying and interviewing vetted buyers
  • Prepping documents for sale
  • Ensuring legal due diligence is completed

Determining the best possible exit and designing each step through an organized strategic plan.

At startMYplan, we understand that investments and returns are about more than success in business and life. It is the foundation of a legacy left by individuals and businesses alike. Ensuring your legacy is one that speaks volumes about you and provides for future generations is something we strive to deliver.

Networking Initiatives

With a large network of influential connections in both public and private sectors, startMYplan streamlines the investing, acquisition, and sales process quickly and efficiently. Our experience working with a variety of stakeholder types gives us an edge.

Focusing on a variety of needs, including impact, profit, and data, we cultivate opportunities within a variety of specialties and industries. Using a matrix of key players in the private equity industry, we help clients rise above competitors and begin a “ceilingless” climb to success.

Throughout the years, startMYplan has proven itself an effective authority in wealth management. Through our many interactions, we have developed close working relationships with prominent figures throughout the private sector. These highly beneficial contacts sometimes make the difference between an advantageous acquisition and a deal falling through.

Learn More About startMYplan

The global business environment is a web of complex design, growing and branching out at a rapid pace. startMYplan has the power to freeze-frame this flow, providing you with a unique glimpse at the potential of your equity opportunities. We work together to design a winning strategy over a series of platforms.

The digital landscape of wealth management and private equity is shifting every day. Having a team of skilled consultants with an eye for technology and digitized information flow changes everything. Using proven methods and an M&A approach developed over years of practice, you’re in good hands with startMYplan.

If you are interested in learning more about our private equity services, and the many ways our consulting team can optimize your current strategies, contact startMYplan at 1-888-831-6716.