Finance plays a prominent role in any business, and often comes with a unique set of challenges. To encourage prosperity and diminish risk, startMYplan works closely with clients to develop and implement bespoke financial strategies.

Motivating sustainable growth goes hand in hand with improving margins while remaining focused on long-term goals. With more than 50-years of combined experience in financial advisory, startMYplan has the tools and information to help your company build a strong foundation and grow from the bottom up.

StartMYplan stands apart from competing consulting agencies by taking a novel approach to advisory methods. Small businesses and start-ups are commonly left with generic information and pre-set business outlines, while large companies and corporations receive individualized solutions with top tier support. StartMYplan believes all businesses, big and small, deserve precise attention to detail, and the best financial optimization available. Below you will find a list of services and methodology used to deliver on this promise.

Strategic Financial Management

Financial management involves a series of working pieces, each with a unique outcome. Whether you are a CEO, CFO, controller, or manager of accounting, our coaching services can be catered to meet your needs.

This area of expertise covers subjects such as:

  • Budget Review and Organization – By reviewing your company’s budget, you can better identify areas for improvement or support. Re-evaluating budgetary decisions and provisioning an organized and detailed plan for a future budget could drastically improve revenue outcomes.

  • Payroll and Accounting Processes – The way you organize and distribute pay through your accounting department could use tweaking. Accessing new tools and software keeps your business up to date with the latest technology and reduces costs in training and hiring down the road.

  • Revenue Analytics Reporting – Businesses around the globe share the goal of increasing profit. By implementing a rigorous approach to analytics reporting, you can see where your business is succeeding, and which areas require more help.

  • Audit and Tax Services – Both small and large companies face a daunting task come tax season. With audit and tax consultation services at your disposal, your accounting team will be fully prepared and save time and resources filing.

  • Financial Business Planning – There are multiple areas within a business where financial optimization is beneficial. Creating or restructuring a business plan to reflect these changes improves the overall business flow.

  • Cash Forecast Organization – Being one step ahead of the market and your company’s financial state is the best way to ensure goals are met successfully. Cash flow forecast research and modifications are part of the consulting process we offer.

  • Security Provisions – Securing money is just as important as accruing it. Maintaining appropriate protocols for digital management, report filing, and anti-fraud control keeps your money where you can see it.

  • CRA Compliance Review and Implementation – Another tricky area of financial management is maneuvering red tape set by governing bodies. Avoiding fines and penalties for mismanagement or misfiling is a huge benefit for any business.

We work closely with your financial team to ensure uniform utilization of strategies and plans, offering support, information, and tools to better regulate every department.

Interim Financial Advisory

In situations where the head of a financial team is unavailable for an extended period, an acting or interim financial lead may be put in place. Outlining the responsibilities and strategies for this lead is time-consuming but necessary. As an experienced consultant in the area of business and finance, startMYplan will provide helpful resources, coaching, and advice to your interim financial manager to ensure company standards are met, and productivity remains high.

CFO’s, Controllers, and accounting management may become unavailable due to vacation, leave of absence, maternity or paternity leave, illness, or disability. During such time, additional assistance offered by startMYplan includes:

  • Bank and Lender Relations
  • Accounts Receivable Optimization
  • Staff Coaching and Training
  • Analytics and Reporting Fluidity
  • Asset Management

Individual Financial Coaching

While our diverse financial management coaching provides insight and growth for your entire team, startMYplan recognizes that more in-depth curated training is required for financial leaders. As a CFO or Controller, the coaching you receive differs from that which may be applied to other financial department heads. Overseeing the financial needs of a company is a huge responsibility and one which spans several departments and roles, including tasks such as:

  • Variance reporting and cost analysis
  • Risk assessment and loss prevention
  • Reviewing and implementing financial policies
  • Seeking new capital
  • Maintaining organization of accounts receivables
  • Introducing new resources and tools as they become available

We understand that every business dynamic is different, and not every financial head has the time to pursue traditional coaching techniques. StartMYplan has designed customizable consulting options to fit your schedule and management style. This includes digital methods such as e-mail, video chat, and messenger tools, as well as in-person and over the phone appointments.

Business Acquisition Management

An acquisition is a huge undertaking and one which requires all hands on deck. For some businesses, this isn’t feasible due to understaffing or unfamiliarity. At startMYplan, business acquisition is an area we excel in, and one we are happy to assist our clients to succeed.

Some of the details we take on, or coach you through, during an acquisition include:

  • Due diligence and legal documentation advisory
  • Cost reduction while ensuring maximum retention
  • Communications facilitator between legal, financial, and third-party involvement
  • Risk assessment and target analysis
  • Consulting throughout the acquisition procedure

Time spent training staff and managing an acquisition is time spent away from your company’s operations and productivity. With the ability to rely on a knowledgeable resource like startMYplan, Canadian businesses spend more time and less money on outside focuses.

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Big or small, new or established, startMYplan can help your business overcome financial obstacles, manage the day-to-day finances, and succeed with large scale investments and acquisitions. Our team is trained in a variety of business management skills, with 10-years of experience as a consultant firm here in Ontario.

For more information on our financial consulting and coaching services, we invite you to contact us at 1-888-831-6716.