With the current economic climate continually ebbing and flowing, having an experienced financial team in your corner is key. At startMYplan, our consulting services are designed to decrease risk, improve sustainability, and ensure success. From mergers and acquisitions to marketing and operations, we have the information and tools to catapult you to the top of your field.

While our breadth of expertise is expansive, startMyplan specializes in businesses such as:

Our fresh outlook and assertive approach to cost transformation and digital leadership give our clients an edge in a competitive market.

A Novel Approach to Consulting

Working with a variety of multinational companies, startMYplan has a vast knowledge spanning a plethora of industries. Within our consulting services, we strive to create a bespoke strategy based on each client’s individual needs. With so many firms using a generic, cookie-cutter blueprint to consult, we pride ourselves on innovating a novel approach to every finance, business, compliance, technology, or operations related project.

We know your business is like no other, and it deserves the best. Therefore, startMYplan shies away from the traditional stance on custom strategies being reserved for large corporations. All our clients, big or small, new or established, receive the same unwavering support, guidance, and tools to overcome any obstacle in your way.

Expertise and Experience

Within our approach to consulting, has several resources at our disposal. Developing a clear and useful strategy and providing training so staff can properly implement that strategy is often at the forefront of our consulting process. Within this process, we help your company hone in on specific areas of business, as outlined below.

Revenue and Marketing Strategies

From customer engagement and brand management to detailed sales reports and advanced digitization, startMYplan helps clients develop foolproof strategies for sales and marketing success.

In a world focused on e-commerce and social media, there seem to be new levels added to the traditional sales funnel daily. Staying on top of so many moving pieces is time-consuming and costly for upper management. Having an organized plan to research, apply, and evolve with these changes helps your team stay up to date with competitors and technology.

As an authority in the field of business consulting, startMYplan has a strong grasp on the current digital landscape. We are always following the latest trends in online marketing and business to ensure our clients have the most in-depth and up to date information and software available.

Optimizing Operations and Employees

Organizing your employees with the correct training, tools, and support is crucial to the success of any company. Hiring, training, and even firing take a lot of time and focus away from other areas of an office. Ensuring your team is compiled of essential personnel, each with a role to play and the skills to deliver, is vital. Working with startMYplan, you will begin to develop a strong blueprint for a balanced and effective team.

Executing decisions quickly and efficiently is something startMYplan can help you achieve. How? By providing you with the data, you need to understand the problem, determine a solution, and implement a strategy to solve it. This streamlined approach to operations benefits areas such as:

  • Cost vs. Revenue
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Product Development and Application
  • Improved Work Process and Flow
  • Employee and Brand Integration Post Merger

No business can be successful without a knowledgeable and motivated staff. When everybody is on the same page, it’s reflected in cost reductions, client relations, and revenue increase.

Risk Management

Whether during the tax season or the initial planning stages of a startup, there are risks to maneuver around as a business owner. With years of experience consulting companies across Canada and internationally, we’ve developed a skill for spotting weak points early on and minimizing the chances of risk before they occur.

Risk management often involves a lot of analytics and review. To assess where your business is now and determine where you want to go, we plot a blueprint for success, complete with potential pitfalls and a failsafe to avoid them.

Risk management consulting becomes useful during mergers and acquisitions, tax and audits, developing partnerships, and new technology integrations.

Tax and Audit

Canadian tax law is tricky enough without adding multinational tax law to the mix. For companies big and small, having a consultant by your side to walk you through your taxes, avoid compliance issues, and minimize damage caused by an audit is essential.

Our tax and audit specialists work closely with your accounts and financial departments to help them develop a streamlined method for organizing information, filing tax reports, and communicating with government authorities.

In the case of an audit, startMYplan will be by your side every step of the way. From dealing with legal issues to maintaining communication with CRA, we ensure your day to day operations are minimally impacted.

Sourcing Organization

Whether you offer clients a product or service, sourcing is a huge job within a company. Employing an organized approach with a lengthy list of pre-vetted suppliers saves time and reduces costs. Purchasing costs can often be cut by a worthwhile percentage, by merely having several options for procurement. Working with startMYplan, businesses have access to our knowledge of local and international sources to satisfy needs without breaking the budget.

Organizing sources for procurement also involves a lot of financial review and industry research. Our team of experienced consultants has a strong grasp on the current market in a variety of fields and are constantly striving to absorb new and relevant data for our clients.

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Modern business consulting is far more than sage advice during tax season. The business experts at startMYplan offer clients a chance to overcome obstacles, cut costs, renew customer satisfaction, protect assets, source new opportunities, and streamline operations. Whether you’re just starting or are a long-established company, we can help.

For a team of consultants with a history of success and a fresh view on Canadian business, we invite you to contact startMYplan at 1-888-831-6716 and start your business plan today.