Whether navigating unknown terrain or looking for ways to improve on success, startMYplan can help your company put together a strategy for growth and sustainability. Working together, a professional advisor will help you design a practical blueprint to endure, overcome, and triumph over any disruption or shortcomings.

There are many times a business requires advice from an expert in their industry. Rather than viewing this necessity as a sign of weakness, our team at startMYplan believes it is the sign of strong leadership and a will to persevere. Whether financial, legal, marketing, or sales related, you can rest assured your brand will come out on top.

Strategic Advising Interdepartmentally

There are many moving parts in any business—from management and accounting to human resources and sales staff and beyond. Developing a streamlined plan for success within each department can seem daunting. Working with a professional business advisor, you can rest assured that every department is working in the right direction.

Producing tangible outcomes requires a global mindset and a complex knowledge of the market. In order to deliver on this, the team at startMYplan is constantly evolving to meet current technology and compliance requirements.

While business management is a term used to describe the administration and governance of a company, every company has individual areas that require attention. Some of the areas we specialize in include:

Human Resources

Structuring an organized human resources team is crucial to the foundation of every other department in a business. Human resources encompass a wide assortment of responsibilities that validate and emphasize the success or failure of a business. Within this department, the staff is tasked with:

  • Vetting potential employment candidates
  • Training, attracting new talent
  • Managing and reviewing employee performance
  • Disciplining negative performance

The professional advisory services from startMYplan can help businesses construct a clear and straightforward policy for employee conduct, develop training materials, create a plan for handling negative performance, and more. With a foot in every pool, startMYplan consultants have the advantage of seeing how HR works in a variety of environments and industries. This provides us with the ability to advise our clients on how to improve existing protocols and implement new ones.

Upper Management

Nobody knows a company better than management. Directing every department within a business from bottom to top is a challenging job and one which usually requires a downline of supervisors and administrators and a well-developed business plan.

The advisors at startMYplan can help minimize risk and maximize workflow by strategizing with management to design new supports to the existing structure. After monitoring your team and reviewing current business structures, clients receive information and tools to update technology and software, improve employee engagement, and make quick and effective decisions.


Where would any business be without an accurate and responsive accounting department? From daily revenue reporting to end of year taxes, an accounting team has a variety of tasks and responsibilities which keep a business earning and legally accountable. An advisor is especially beneficial in areas such as:

  • Audit Risk and Compliance
  • Cyber and Fraud Security
  • Legal and Government Communications
  • Cash Flow Reporting
  • Automation

The startMYplan advisory team specializes in financial consulting. Helping your accounting department to upgrade reporting systems, organize and digitize documents, and maximize speed and efficiency within the department.

Sales and Marketing

Increased revenue is the goal of any business, but finding financial success depends on many factors within a business structure. The sales and marketing team is the backbone of most companies. These departments provide customer engagement, brand awareness, ROI, and more.

Having an advisor in your back pocket with a knack for current marketing trends and sales knowledge is essential. The experts at startMYplan work closely with your sales and marketing teams to devise a relevant and streamlined approach to captivating consumers and delivering exceptional products and services.

Whether your sales crew requires training on new technology, motivation for the coming quarter, or an updated view on the marketplace, we can help. Similarly, your marketing department will greatly benefit from a fresh perspective, in-depth research of your primary marketplace, and an outside resource to bounce ideas off.

Mergers and Acquisition Advising

Clients of startMYplan have the unique benefit of our large and diverse network. With years of experience consulting businesses of all shapes and sizes, our advisors have connections with the best and brightest minds in the business world. This provides your company with an inside look at potential acquisition prospects, in-depth reviews, and pre-vetted candidates.

We are here to advise on each step of the merger and acquisition process, including post-merger integration. Our team will help ensure all stakeholders are on board with new changes, implement a company culture alignment, and develop bespoke blueprints for a solid new business structure.

Private Wealth Advisory

A long history of private wealth strategizing makes startMYplan the perfect advisor for businesses and individuals within this sector. Achieving a financial goal requires research, due diligence, and commitment—our expertise in wealth management span from investing to tax services and beyond.

A clear understanding of the current market and expected future trends is the key to success in private wealth. This is something startMYplan has in abundance. Our fresh perspective on the marketplace, combined with our commitment to practicality, will reduce risk and enhance portfolio value.

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As a leader in the Canadian consulting industry, startMYplan strives to protect and direct clients to success. Our fresh take on business and finance constantly surprises the opposition. One of the ways we set ourselves apart is by providing the same in-depth and efficient services to clients in every facet of business or stage of development. Rather than reserving our best resources and data for large corporations, we believe every company deserves the advantage startMYplan provides.

Working with an advisor offers long term proven results such as cutting costs, improving employee relations, and updating technology and marketing tactics. From navigating legal issues to developing new financial strategies, startMYplan will work with you from start to finish.

For more information on our advisory services, we invite you to contact startMYplan at 1-888-831-6716 to find your advisor today.