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Growth and prosperity are the goals of businesses worldwide. Within a fluctuating economy and ever-changing digital landscape, many businesses reach out to specialists to develop strategies for success in these areas. At startMyplan, we strive to provide sustainable results in finance, technology, and operations. We maximize your current efforts and provide new insight through a combination of professional expertise.


As a long-established consulting firm, our team has an especially strong grasp on finance, and what it takes to earn more, spend less, and maintain integrity. Some of the methods we specialize in include:

  • Budget organization and strategy
  • Acquisition, mergers, and integration procedures including negotiation and due diligence
  • Initial Public Offerings (IPO’s)
  • Management and employee coaching
  • Creation of financial projections
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Private Equity

Private equity success relies on a lot of research and investment management. At startMYplan, we strive to locate, harness and expand on sustainable investments with a paramount return. Some of the ways we assist with private equity clients include:

  • Buyout transactions
  • Investment screening, due diligence, and development
  • Exit optimization planning
  • Bespoke sector strategy development
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Tax & Audit

  • Compliance reporting to regulatory bodies
  • Creation of financial projections
  • Payroll prep, review, and filing
  • Tax returns
  • CRA audit assistance
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A great business strategy relies on a well-organized and robust foundation to support growth and advancement. Our strategic business consulting services include a variety of tools and methods to improve productivity, operations, employee relations, leadership skills and much more. Some of the ways we assist clients in improving strategies and business plans include:

  • Marketing research and development
  • Conflict management and communication coaching
  • Leadership skill-building
  • Diagnostic review and enhancement
  • Business model optimization
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Business planning involves many moving parts, and streamlining the flow of these parts increases chances for success. StartMyplan offers advisory services to decrease the loss of profit and productivity. Working closely with clients to develop long-term solutions, we ensure you reach goals and meet outcomes. Some subjects we advise on include:

  • Corporate buy and sell
  • IT development
  • Customer relation management (CRM) platform utilization
  • Automation implementation
  • Data and cloud architecture
  • Digital security
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Risk Management

The business world balances on a thin line between brick and mortar companies and digital infrastructure. This has increased the risk involved in developing a company exponentially. Risk management, both in security and finance, is crucial to the success of a company. Some of the expertise we offer our clients in this area include:

  • Analytics and metrics reporting
  • Fraud management
  • Compliance review
  • Cybersecurity
  • Enterprise management
  • Digitized credit risk
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StartMYplan understands no two businesses are alike and stand firmly on the belief that all businesses deserve the same top tier consulting services provided to large corporations. Big or small, new or established, we are here to support, encourage, and offer the tools and experience necessary to succeed in your industry.

As a leader in business consulting and development, we pride ourselves on a long list of successful clients and strong partnerships. For more information on our services and expertise, we invite you to contact us today.

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