At startMYplan, we strive to set ourselves apart from competing consulting firms by providing our clients with an ongoing supply of resources to perpetuate success. We know that the best tool in any business endeavour, be it financial or strategy, is information. Having all the information on current events within your industry, the latest software to keep you moving forward, and modern tools to elevate your brand is necessary for today’s constantly evolving marketplace.

There are many ways startMYplan supports our clients from start to finish. We offer a selection of tailored tools and resources specific to the needs of individual industries and departments. Here, we will break down each resource and how it can optimize your current approach to business and financial success.

Automation and CRM Implementation

The digital landscape is only growing as businesses evolve. This has opened doors to a variety of tools and resources within technology. For businesses looking to elevate customer engagement strategies, marketing plans, and even productivity and communication, we recommend the use of customer relationship management software or CRM.

Many CRM software types are circulating the internet. Working with a consultant at startMYplan, you can find the appropriate CRM for your business model, goals, and preferred outcomes. We carefully analyze your current business plan and determine which CRM would optimize the strategies in use or expand upon them for further growth.

Another resource we suggest to many clients is automation. Some CRM platforms provide automation as part of their services. Automation can be an amazing asset when used appropriately. As a business, every blog, press release, and e-mail must be carefully crafted to suit your audience. However, managing the distribution of this information is costly and time-consuming. An automated system can help you keep track of what has been sent, what needs to go out, and when each item is delivered to clients, social media accounts, websites, etc.

StartMYplan has years of experience understanding the automation networks of various brands and can help find one suitable for your individual needs.

Blogs and Articles

Keeping you apprised of the latest news and updates within the marketing, finance, real estate, sales, production, and private wealth sectors helps keep our clients one step ahead. Our key objective within these articles is to help you understand where your field is heading, what changes could affect you, and whether there are new steps you should be taking to capitalize on these changes.

Working with startMYplan, you will have access not only to these blogs and articles but also to inside information from your consultant. These pieces are meant to provide general information within the subjects they cover. This supplements the information you receive from your consultant, which has been tailored to your business and your strategies.

Articles offer a breadth of knowledge, such as useful new tools, international news, stock market data, and more. As you scroll through our list of articles, you will notice them broken down by industry, category, and other subgenres. This is to help you more easily identify pieces that may be useful to your organization.

Digitized Scheduling

Schedules are a fact of life, and in business, a mismanaged schedule can be the difference between closing a deal and losing one. Our digitized scheduling tools allow you to organize your weeks better. From meetings with prospective clients to deadlines for tax filing and other important events, you know you are always on time.

There are various online scheduling tools, and we select only the best for our clients. We can also work with you in person to develop an optimized scheduling strategy to manage time and obligations throughout the day better.

Online Calculators

Whether you are calculating real estate costs, balancing ledgers, or checking the stock market figures, our online calculators are here to help guide you toward the correct answers to your numerical queries.

Calculating tools are here to give you a general overview of the information you seek. For a more in-depth answer with a break down of each equation within your task, we always recommend working together with one of our financial experts. Our online tools are here to facilitate real-time assistance. Having an experienced consultant working behind the scenes for your computing and calculating ensures answers are concise and accurate.

Newsletter Subscription

Looking for more information about startMYplan and all the services we offer? Our newsletter is a resource worth subscribing to. This provides news and updates on our firm, employees, policies, and services, keeping you in the know about what your consulting firm is working on and why.

Throughout our newsletters, we offer insight into new problems within the business world and offer links to other essential resources and online documents. Connect with us and grow your opportunities for success.

Why choose startMYplan resources?

The startMYplan strategy sets us above comparable consulting firms by putting our clients in the driver seat. Each of our resources is handpicked to give you the information you need to get ahead, rather than trying to draw you in to subscribe to new services. It’s important to us, above all else, that our clients are doing well. You might say that your success as a business IS our business. We work hard to implement new and exciting tools and data to help clients restructure and optimize on your own and with your startMYplan consultant.

StartMYplan also believes that every business deserves an equal opportunity to succeed. In this way, we do not limit any of our clients from receiving the same helpful resources and tools. Rather than reserving the best for our biggest corporate accounts, we distribute resources equally and then create bespoke business strategies for each client individually to help you with what your business needs.

If you are interested in learning more about startMYplan, our consulting services, or other resources we offer clients, we invite you to contact us at 1-888-831-6716. We are always happy to meet new local businesses and help them reach their goals.