Real Estate

With years of experience within the real estate industry, startMYplan delivers a diverse range of options to every client. Our team works closely with property developers, owners, and managers to design and initiate a strategy for stronger investments, better margins, and greater ROI.

The real estate sector is filled with varying layers of expertise throughout each niche and market. From commercial and industrial to residential and beyond, our team has successfully transformed client problem areas into client prosperity.

The startMYplan Real Estate Advantage

As a Canadian company, we strive to encourage and uplift other local businesses to improve our country’s economy and make consulting more accessible to all. While some major consulting firms direct their best and brightest only toward large corporations with a propensity for larger payoffs, we target our services toward all Canadian businesses big and small.

Working with startMYplan means working with a firm that puts you first, no matter where you are in your business plan or goal structure. From small start-ups to multinational companies, we have your back. Some of the areas we specialize in within the real estate market include:

  • Corporate and Financial Strategy Development
  • M&A Research, Diligence and Integration
  • Due Diligence
  • Legal and Government Liaising
  • Customer Engagement and Brand Development
  • Cost Analysis and Optimization
  • Cash Flow Strategy
  • Audit and Tax Services
  • Procurement
  • Digitization
  • Private Wealth Real Estate Services

A combined experience of more than five decades and a passion for real estate help us ensure that every client receives top tier service from start to finish.

Financial Management Services

The financial responsibilities of a real estate business are never-ending. From accounts payable and tax returns to investments and sales, our knowledgeable team can help make the daunting more manageable. We understand the end goal within any successful real estate firm is to reduce costs and increase revenue. In order to do this, an overview of current financial methods and cash flow must be analyzed and potentially restructured.

Cost transformation and performance enhancement go hand in hand. By removing nonessential disbursements and redirecting capital toward investment opportunities, startMYplan enables clients to expand current portfolios and develop a sustainable foundation on which further growth can be achieved.

M&A Integration and Due Diligence

Combining real estate ventures is never easy. Fortunately, vetting, due diligence, and negotiation consulting are some of the expertise startMYplan excels with.

Integrating companies through a merger requires time and resources, from training and coaching to developing a new blueprint for your real estate company. There is also the concern that a deal might fall through, or pre-acquisition research could leave some important information unturned.

At startMYplan, we have a strong network of professionals within the real estate realm. This helps us accelerate the M&A timeline, while still retaining the same high-quality research and company evaluation to ensure you are getting what you pay for.

Tax, Audit and Communication

Another area of real estate which diverts time and attention from standard operations is tax season. Taxes require plenty of organization, document sorting, calculating, and research to guarantee your firm is paying only what you owe and retaining as much as possible.

In order to remain within Canadian tax law compliance, your startMYplan consultant is here to assist with tax prep, document collection, and filing. It’s important to us that our clients have the information and tools you need to stay on top and maximize your time and assets.

No real estate company wants to hear the term “audit” unless it concerns an internal audit of current and future financing. At startMYplan, we help with both. Performing internal audits to ensure your accounting team is organized, structured, and streamlined for success is part of what we do best. We can also assist your financial team in navigating a government audit, should your company undergo one.

Within both the tax and audit consulting services, startMYplan will act as a liaison between legal entities, governing bodies like the CRA, and any external parties involved in the process. We may also act as an advisor while you undertake this role personally.

Consumers, Sales, and Marketing

Engaging consumers is an important step in any industry, but especially within the real estate field, where so many sales are delivered due to traditional marketing tactics. Developing customer loyalty and growing your brand’s image online and through local advertising is crucial to the success of any real estate brand. Whether you are pre-selling condos or looking for a buyer for a multistory hotel franchise, having the market on your side improves your chances for success.

This is where startMYplan comes in. With a streamlined approach to consumer management, access to the latest marketing software, and a firm grasp on the current and future predictions for the real estate market, we can design blueprints for a winning marketing model bespoke for your brand.

IT, Digitization, and Security

The real estate industry has shifted, like most business models, into a digital landscape. Buying, selling, and everything in between take place online using advanced technology and resources. At startMYplan, we strive to familiarize ourselves with all the latest and greatest software and tools so our clients stay ahead of the competition.

Going digital requires a higher level of security, as data is suddenly more accessible to those outside your business structure. Implementing a reliable IT network and security protocols help retain important information and safeguard your company from fraud, theft, and weakness.

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Working in the real estate sector involves many moving pieces to master, projects to delegate, and risks to avoid. Working with authority in real estate consulting relieves much of the stress involved in this business, and provides you the time and focus necessary to raise your company to the top.

If you are looking for a competent and high energy team to relieve you of some real estate heavy lifting, we invite you to contact startMYplan at 1 888-831-6716.