Professional Services

As a professional in the business world, there are often more tasks to be completed in a day than there are hours. Working with a professional consulting firm helps minimize time waste and maximize progress. At startMYplan, there are many ways we set ourselves apart from other consulting firms, one being the way we put our customers first. Your success is our success, and this is reflected in everything we do.

With over 50 years of combined consulting experience within a multitude of industries and expertise, the startMYplan team can help you develop strategies for success in every stage and department of your business. Some of the ways we help clients with professional services include:

Operations and Productivity

Your business’ operations set the speed for your entire business. From the production and distribution of goods and services to the organization of your warehouse and front of house experiences, startMYplan can help you restructure for success.

The level of efficiency within a company is never set in stone. We have seen businesses with extreme potential that are not earning to that potential because of missed opportunities and untapped resources. Working together with our consulting team, you’ll see a drastic improvement in your operations, including a greater level of organization and an ongoing strategy for growth.

StartMYplan can work with your operations manager, supervisor, or the entire team to improve this department and provide visible results fast. Having a streamlined approach to your brand’s operations will increase profits without increasing the time spent to get it.

Sales Team Building and Training

Your sales department is the front line of your business, working closely with your customers and presenting the face of your brand to the public. Ensuring your sales department is running effectively, meeting deadlines, adhering to your company culture, and managing time are essential to the department’s success. At startMYplan, we offer a series of customizable sales training strategies, including team building and organization.

We know that every business is different, meaning that every sales department is unique. None of our training services is a “one size fits all” situation. We get to know your team, review current strengths and weaknesses, and determine the training and advice which will best serve your business.

Portfolio Strategizing and Management

Financial success is the goal of most businesses and private wealth initiatives. One of the ways startMYplan helps in this area is through portfolio restructuring, strategy building, and overall management. With years of experience monitoring investments and watching the horizon for predictions of future highs and lows, startMYplan has a reputation for building successful portfolios.

We work, not only with our clients but also with lawyers, tax professionals, insurance agents, and other third parties to reduce time waste and increase profit. We also vet potential investments and partnerships to ensure they are a good fit before integrating them into your portfolio. We take all the heavy lifting off your shoulders so you can focus on what is important for your business.

Contract Structure and Liaising

Reviewing current contracts, performing due diligence, and acting as a liaison between contractual parties are some of the ways we help our professional clients succeed. The startMYplan team is thoroughly dedicated to reducing risks and improving the chances for success in every new endeavour.

There is also the act of reviewing incoming contracts and determining how profitable a potential deal or partnership could be with the company in question. As a business consultant, startMYplan works with you to decide on the validity and benefits of new contracts, and even help break down legal script and industry jargon, so there are no surprises. Preventing confusion and contract errors keeps your company on the right side of the law and is a great place for growth and success.

Risk Management Services

Risks come in all shapes and sizes within the business world, from potential audits to failed investments. At startMYplan, it’s part of our job to assess your current level of risk and develop a strategy to protect your company. This begins with an internal audit of your business in the areas where weakness might present itself. For example, if your staff is worried about a potential audit, we might start with accounting. Within the accounting department, a full in-depth report of all incoming and outcoming balances, a look at storage and digitization, and other available data help us see the department from an unbiased place. From here, startMYplan works with department heads to implement new organizational methods, so you are protected from every angle. Should an audit occur, we can monitor and liaise with government bodies, so you may continue to focus on daily productivity and sales.

Another area of risk is found on the digital side of your company. The information you upload and the store are all at risk if not properly secured. We can help advise you on the best practices for minimizing fraud, loss, and data theft.

The startMYplan Benefit

Due to our longstanding within the consulting industry, startMYplan has developed partnerships with prominent figures throughout a plethora of fields. This network helps us provide added support to our clients, as we encourage the development of connections to benefit both parties. We pride ourselves on the positive feedback and strong relationships we build with clients past and current. This is one of the ways we have built such a powerful field of allies and associates.

Another way startMYplan sets itself apart from other professional services consultants is through our effectiveness to aid businesses of all sizes and stature. Whether you are a brand-new startup looking to make it big, or a large corporation with multiple storefronts and distribution lines, we can help you explore your potential and exceed it.

We don’t reserve the “best services” for the “big guys,” but create customized plans for every client, so big or small, you get the same high priority support, tools, and information.

To learn more about startMYplan and our professional services consulting, we invite you to contact us at 1-888-831-6716.