With a team of consulting professionals that have combined the experience of more than five decades, startMYplan has the tools and data to put our clients at the top of the media industry. Media plays a huge role in the modern world, yet it has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. With more digital influence than ever before, media companies are tasked with the difficult job of harnessing an ever-changing business landscape.

Having a team of experienced consultants by your side, you can rest assured that no matter the evolutions of current media trends, startMYplan will help your company create a dynamic strategy to meet and exceed goals.

As a leader in the media consulting industry, startMYplan has worked with many influential media firms over the years. One thing that sets us apart from other consultants is our attention to detail and our determination for client success, no matter the size or the experience of the company we are working with. Many media experts diminish the chances for small start-ups to flourish under the guidance of an advisor, providing minimal solutions and reserving top-tier tools and resources for large corporations. At startMYplan, all our clients receive the same excellent service and standards.

Within the realm of media consulting, we serve a myriad of niches, including:

  • Television
  • Internet
  • Music and Radio
  • Game
  • Movies
  • News
  • Advertising
  • Mobile Apps

Why work with a professional consultant?

Media is an industry which has always spoken for itself. As such, this leaves some businesses wondering why they might need the help of a professional consulting team. StartMYplan provides many benefits to media clients, including:

  • Extended Reach – Whether a domestic or international company, startMYplan can extend your reach far beyond its current dimensions. With a unique view on expansion, we can pinpoint which areas your business has room to grow, and show you the tools and information needed to reach maximum potential.

  • Direct Communication – Real-time reporting and replies are all part of modern media. The internet and multiple technological resources have made it possible for us to send a message to the world and hear consumer reactions immediately. If you are not already harnessing this power, or you do not see the results you deserve, startMYplan can get you where you need to be.

  • New Forms of Engagement – Media has always been about finding new ways to send information. StartMYplan has taken a strong interest in staying on top of new developments in consumer engagement and media distribution. Helping our clients upgrade and introduce new methods of communication is something we are extremely proud of.

  • Advanced Marketing Options and Mounting Competition – There is no stability in the media market, which opens doors to competitors to climb up and over you at a moment’s notice. Finding ways to overcome this competition by advancing your marketing and platforms is what we do best.

Together with startMYplan, clients establish themselves as strong adversaries within their individual marketplaces. Helping close the gap between old and new technology creates new opportunities for advancement and success.

Tools and Technology

Creating a sustainable business model in the media industry has become increasingly difficult, with technology constantly changing. Technology is a huge benefit, but can also be a hindrance. Working with our consulting specialists, our clients develop strategic blueprints for successful technological integration and acquisition.

Optimizing your current technology strategy requires an internal audit of products and procedures. After this, we implement a new plan for success. One thing startMYplan understands better than most is that no two companies are the same. This means building a plan bespoke to your company culture, requirements, and desired outcomes.

Like all industries, media companies are working toward a low cost, high-income business model. Where technology is concerned, this can mean many things. StartMYplan will help with outsourcing, improving IT solutions, liaising with digital design specialists, and much more.

Marketing with Media

Media and marketing go hand in hand, which can be attested to by the multi-billion-dollar digital advertising industry. StartMYplan works both with businesses looking for new representation in this market, as well as marketing and media companies themselves. This beneficial relationship provides us with a network of opportunities that not many other consulting firms can commit to.

Within this area of expertise, we help our clients better focus on:

  • Produce Development
  • Customer Engagement
  • Brand Awareness
  • Creative Strategies
  • Customer Interaction
  • Communication
  • New Channel Introduction
  • Analytics Reporting

Analyzing current successes and predicting future optimization is an area of expertise we are proud to encompass. Our team has an eye for new and exciting methods of communication and representation.

Consumer Relations and Strategy Development

Without consumers, the media industry would crumble. Having a direct and positive connection with the public is essential for success with the media. At startMYplan, we monitor current trends and help clients manage customer data reports to determine:

  • Optimal timing for interaction
  • Media format
  • Content creation strategy
  • Organized follow-up

A huge part of customer relations and the customer strategy revolves around sales and marketing. Your sales strategy vastly affects brand loyalty and customer engagement. Maximizing a sales structure sounds daunting, but it’s completely obtainable when you have the appropriate tools and coaches at hand. StartMYplan delivers from start to finish and maintains contact for follow-up advising as needed.

Digitization of Media

Publishing, advertising, and reporting have all found their way blurring from traditional print into digital information. For media businesses still using mostly traditional sources of distribution, there is a disadvantage. While many consumers still enjoy physical newspapers, books, and advertisements, the convenience of digitization has made it essential for companies to keep up with the evolution of this format of publication.

At startMYplan, we can help bring your current methods of distribution up to speed and create a new design for digitized media as part of your existing infrastructure.

Contact startMYplan for More Information

If you work within the media and technology field, startMYplan can help you transform your current business model, or create a new one. From small start-ups to large corporations, we provide the tools and information our clients need to succeed in a tangible and digital landscape.

There has never been a better time to be involved in the media infrastructure. The market seems to be constantly expanding in this area, providing new and interesting ways to reach the public and deliver information. With the appropriate platforms and data at hand, media companies have the potential to achieve success at an exponential rate.

For more information on our media consulting services, we invite you to contact startMYplan at 1-888-831-6716.