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If there is one area of expertise startMYplan excels in, it’s financial services. With more than five decades of combined experience as financial consultants, you can depend on us to provide a customized approach to investment, digitization, record keeping, mergers and acquisitions, tax and audit, domestic and international finances, and more.

Within this wide range of expertise, startMYplan narrows each client’s needs further, creating a bespoke plan to address specific issues. Our team is composed of incredibly talented, motivated consultants with a passion for helping Canadians grow businesses and expand our national economy. It’s incredibly important to us that each client receives the same high standards of service and incredible opportunities for expansion. In this way, we eschew the normal standard for financial consulting, in which large corporations reap most of the benefits, and small start-ups receive the basics. At startMYplan, no matter your size or experience, we have your back and will help you on the path to success, no matter your goals.

Some of the ways we serve our clients within the financial sector include:

International Finance

The global market is constantly expanding, which makes it difficult for financial companies to constantly be in line with the latest advancements and compliance laws. As a financial firm, your job is to focus on maximizing profit and minimizing cost, serving your customers, and growing your brand. Our job as your advisors is to help you achieve this without carrying an unnecessary burden and wasting your time and resources, determining which laws and software upgrades your company needs to survive the digital evolution.

At startMYplan, our team is constantly watching the international market for changes, advancements, and flaws. We consider everything from which investments are higher in risk, to what compliance issues might be wrought should your company attempt a deal. Your best interest is in our best interest, and we work hard to ensure every client has an international strategy that will allow you to smoothly operate within multiple markets successfully.

Risk Management

Nothing is more detrimental to a financial agency than risk. Risk of loss and fraud, legal risks, and security risks are all within our realm of knowledge. We strive to guarantee our clients avoid risk by designing a blueprint to avoid it.

No financial company is entirely without risk, but startMYplan helps you come as close as possible to operating a risk-free business. We help clients with due diligence and compliance to keep legal issues at bay, update and manage financial software and digital tools to maintain the highest level of security and productivity, and vet investments and M&A opportunities. This is to be certain there are no unfortunate surprises to overcome later.

Risk management is an essential financial service and one that startMYplan takes seriously. We are dedicated to our clients and are extremely passionate about maintaining the integrity of your business during every deal or update.

Portfolio and Asset Strategy

Protecting your current assets and accumulating others to enhance and benefit your portfolio is the name of the game in finance. Whether for private wealth opportunities or in terms of business growth, startMYplan has the skills and resources to help you manage your portfolio to the fullest.

With an eye on the domestic and international markets, our team can help you better organize your current portfolio, and vet out potential investments for future growth. We also review all your current assets and work closely to create a plan for higher profitability. We train and advise in everything from building a budget, for which to better achieve current portfolio goals, to forecasting potential future asset recovery.

Operations, Supply, and Productivity

Within the financial services, the operations of a business play a huge role. While it may not be as obvious of an influence as the accounting department, sales and productivity are the driving force behind many modern companies. Ensuring your supply chain is functioning at its best, monitoring productivity, and managing operations can improve your ROI and lower overhead.

Our dynamic business analysis digs deeper than the average internal audit, determining all the potential within your company and the areas which require training, new resources, and overall growth.

We work closely with your team, coaching them as individuals and as a group to empower them to meet company targets and maximize their confidence and efforts.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Some of the ways we help our clients throughout the M&A process is by performing due diligence, liaising with potential acquisitions, and helping you manage the integration process. Obtaining a new company, or the assets within that company, is far less useful if they are not properly integrated.

M&A often requires restructuring and the defining of a new or more distinct business plan and strategy. StartMYplan will work with your team from beginning to end to be sure every merger is successful in all areas of your business.

Technology and Automation

Running a company requires delegation, both to employees and the available tools. As the world continues to evolve with technology, the tools we use also evolve. Maintaining the best and brightest resources is optimal for success, but researching, testing, and training takes time that not all owners and managers can afford.

Our financial consultants not only guide and coach in M&A, tax, and strategy, we also provide invaluable insight into the current digital trends, software upgrades, and requirements to use them smoothly on your current technology systems. What does this mean? It means that startMYplan can help reduce your loan, lessen stress, and maximize the potential for future growth by implementing training and coaching for new technology, updating systems, integrating software, and keeping you above the competition.

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Working with a professional financial consulting firm has many benefits. In a time when digital information is taking over traditional marketing and business methods, and risk is growing at a rapid rate, having a team of experienced advisors keeps your company on the path to success and minimizes the potential for failure.

From acting as a liaison between government and legal officials on your behalf to providing an in-depth audit to better structure a working business strategy, startMyplan is with you every step of the way.

For more information on our financial consulting services, we invite you to contact us at 1-888-831-6716.