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StartMYplan is a consulting firm dedicated to clients across a wide stretch of industries and sectors worldwide. Our hands-on consulting approach sets us apart from competing firms by providing companies with the tools, data, and resources you need to get ahead in individual business areas. We work closely with our clients to develop strategies that not only work with the changes and growth within your industry, but with your unique company culture, standards, and policies.

A Firm that Works for You

There has been a huge shift in the business world with the introduction of e-commerce and digitization. As more and more companies go digital, the line between large corporations and small start-ups thins. While some consulting firms still focus on the “big guys,” pouring resources into these large corporations and leaving only generalized resources for small businesses, startMYplan believes all businesses deserve the same attention to detail and bespoke consulting.

We work tirelessly to develop strategies that work for the unique specifications of each client’s individual goals, rather than working from a blueprint template or what has worked for other industries. It’s important to us that each of our clients feels their company is the focus of our time together, and that you are gaining something tangible which will deliver results.

In Tune with Financial Development

StartMYplan performs a variety of services within the consulting spectrum over a broad range of industries. Our expertise ranges from advising and training to liaising and consulting. One of the major areas we focus on as a firm is finance. With a combined experience of more than 50 years in this field, our team is committed to understanding the standards and compliance issues related to modern finance and the fluctuating marketplace and players within it.

It’s our job as your consulting firm to know which businesses are competing, which could make great partnerships and not worth a second glance. Rather than wasting your time on researching, vetting, and due diligence, part of the startMYplan experience is accessing our database of information regarding this vast network of domestic and international companies.

These same practices are offered for our private wealth clients, who, like business clients, require an eye in the sky to monitor and inform on the constant changes within the financial sector.

At startMYplan, we handle the heavy lifting when it comes to financing, so our clients can focus on running their companies and reaching major milestones.

Committed to Sustainable Growth and Community Connection

StartMYplan is consistently updating our consulting style to fit the current needs of the ever-changing market and social climate. While every business has a financial bottom line, there is more to modern business than money alone. Contemporary business structures must include strategies to cope with the advancements in sustainability and social engagement. Connecting with your community, whether local, international, or online, is a huge part of what makes a business successful. We help our clients create a plan to focus on sustainability and consumer engagement in a broader scope than many other consulting firms.

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If you are looking for a company dedicated to their clients, connected to the global marketplace, and has a skillset diverse enough to design a business plan from production and export, to accounting and investments, we are here for you. Our goal is your success!

Contact startMYplan today to learn more about our variety of consulting services, and the long list of expertise we bring to our clients—call 1-888-831-6716 to speak to one of our experienced consultants today.

Welcome to startMYplan, an all-inclusive consulting firm focused on optimizing the unique attributes of our clients to maximize potential, growth, and revenue.

At startMYplan, our philosophy is based on the premise that all companies, big and small, deserve the same resources and support to grow. In an ever-changing marketplace wedged between digital and tangible business practices, it’s more important than ever to have the information and tools to succeed in your field.

At startMYplan, we focus our attention on the broad picture, narrowing our scope to tackle individual elements of our client’s businesses as needed. Our team is an authority in our field from productivity, employee training and departmental development to outsourcing, mergers and acquisitions, and investments.


As an authority in the field of business and financial advising, the experts at startMYplan are frequently asked to share information through a variety of media outlets. Whether you are a member of the press hoping for insight into our firm, or a potential client investigating our ongoing contributions to the media, you can find everything you need to know about startMYplan here.

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