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StartMYplan is a team of innovative consulting strategists with a history of success. In a world driven by technology and advancement, companies sometimes get lost in the flow. Our job is to draw from your current vision, company culture, and goals to collaboratively streamline operations, technology, and productivity for long-term results.

The startMYplan Advantage

With a decade of successful consulting and more than 50 years of combined experience, startMYplan is an authority in our field. The results we deliver are measurable, efficient, and lasting.

We believe that businesses of all sizes and experiences deserve the same attention to detail and dynamic results. StartMyplan is unique in that we offer rigorous analysis, research, and development commonly reserved for large corporations with clients of all backgrounds, budgets, and staff counts. Whether you are building from the bottom up or hoping to expand upon a current business, we’re here to help.


Tools and Strategies

Building anything requires the right tools, and business is no different. To develop and amplify an efficient strategy, we assist with everything from employee engagement to automation implementation and beyond.

StartMYplan partners with leading tech brands to ensure your business gets the best and most up to date information at every turn. We strive to strengthen and enhance your company from within, developing a steady foundation on which to grow and evolve.

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Our Expert Financial & Risk Assessment Services

Growth and prosperity are the goals of businesses worldwide. Within a fluctuating economy and ever-changing digital landscape, many businesses reach out to specialists to develop strategies for success in these areas.

At startMyplan, we strive to provide sustainable results in finance, technology, and operations. We maximize your current efforts and provide new insight through a combination of professional expertise.

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As a long-established consulting firm, our team has an especially strong grasp...

Private Equity

Private equity success relies on a lot of research and investment management....

Tax & Audit

Compliance reporting to regulatory bodies Creation of financial...


A great business strategy relies on a well-organized and robust foundation to...


Business planning involves many moving parts, and streamlining the flow of...

Risk Management

The business world balances on a thin line between brick and mortar companies...


With a team comprising over 50-years of combined experience, we are proud to work with clients spanning a multitude of industries. From finance and business planning to private equity and risk management, startMYplan has the knowledge and tools to catapult your business to the next level.

Real Estate

Streamlining growth and development throughout the myriad of departments within the real estate industry is daunting.


Financial Services

Whether you are a leading financial company, or a small business looking to enhance your financial department,...



Media is an industry at the forefront of digital culture and change.


Retail & Consumer

Fast-paced and relentless, the retail and consumer industry requires focus in many directions at once.



Human capital is often overlooked or underused, but it is something heavily relied upon within the human resources...


Professional Services

Growing a business in the professional sector holds unique requirements.


Private Wealth

Managing private wealth is time-consuming and tricky.



A huge part of what we do as a consulting firm is to provide our clients with the information needed to be successful. Remaining transparent and keeping you in the know is beneficial for everyone involved.

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Work with a company that truly values its team members. At startMYplan, we interact with a diverse range of clients throughout a variety of industries. Therefore, we rely on the expertise and experiences of our employees to guide businesses towards success.

As a leading consulting firm in Canada, we strive to make our nation proud. Encompassing a company culture like no other, startMYplan believes confidence is key, and we support our team members at every step.

StartMYplan is a consulting firm dedicated to clients across a wide stretch of industries and sectors worldwide.

Our hands-on consulting approach sets us apart from competing firms by providing companies with the tools, data, and resources you need to get ahead in individual business areas. We work closely with our clients to develop strategies that not only work with the changes and growth within your industry, but with your unique company culture, standards, and policies.

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